a) Internet E-mail

Communications via Internet e-mail is not a secure medium and is subject to interception, loss or alteration. In the circumstances, Pincher Creek Credit Union will not accept nor act on requested transactions or instructions received via Internet e-mail. A user of this web site that chooses to send Internet e-mail messages to Pincher Creek Credit Union that contain personal, financial, or confidential information does so at their sole risk. If Pincher Creek Credit Union communicates with you via Internet e-mail. at your request, such communication shall also be at your risk and Pincher Creek Credit Union will not be held responsible.

b) Encryption

Pincher Creek Credit Union uses 128-bit encryption to assist you in protecting your personal or financial information. Encryption is a method of scrambling data for transmission on the Internet. Pincher Creek Credit Union recommends that you use this level of encryption when transmitting financial, personal, or confidential information over the Internet. Most Internet browsers use a standard 40-bit encryption and this is the minimum that our Remote Banking Product, MemberDirect®, will support. We recommend that you upgrade your computer to 128-bit encryption by visiting either the Microsoft or Netscape web sites and downloading the free browser software for 128-bit encryption.